Tratado de gastronomía.

3rd PRINCIPLE “The intensity of the current is directly proportional to the value of resistance”

* Enzo and Elsa are united by more than the love that units a father and daughter: they share a love for the sea, their livelihood and their passion.



The intimate link between Gijón/Xixón and the Cantabrian Sea can be seen in may different ways. It is our horizon, our playground, it soothes us... and it is our livelihood.

Enzo makes a living on the Cantabrian Sea. It is hard, but exhilarating work. There are many others like him: Diego, Sara, Abdou and David also work in the fishing industry and they wouldn't trade it for anything.

We don't know whether this way of life will last for many generations, but in Enzo's daughter, Elsa, it is obvious that at least we have a great candidate.

They all honour the 3rd principle of Gijonomía, which Ohm generously passed down to us: "The intensity of the current is directly proportional to the value of resistance".

Mujer en Playa de San Lorenzo



Foto Surf
Playing with the waves

Whether you are a beginner, amateur or expert, here there is an endless list of activities to enjoy the sea in an active way: surfing, sailing, kayaking, paddle surfing, jet skiing, flyboarding, windsurfing... Fun is guaranteed.

Foto El Musel
El Musel

El Musel is the port of Gijón/Xixón. One of the most important in the Atlantic Arc and the largest in Spain in terms of bulk traffic.

Rendiello Quay is where the fishing facilities are located: the fish market, the workshops and the areas for selling produce to the public.

Foto Pescar en tierra
Fishing on land

Here, we don’t just fishing by boat. It is very common to find people angling on the docks, in the marina, in rocky areas... If you like fishing, you're sure to find your perfect spot here.

Foto Delicias de la mar
Delicacies of the sea

Everyone knows that in Gijón/Xixón, you can eat very well. And what the Bay of Biscay has to offer is something out of the ordinary. Be sure to try the sea bream, parrot fish, spider crab, sea bass or any of the fresh fish and seafood you'll find in the city's cider bars and restaurants.

Foto Pueblos pesqueros
Fishing villages

Truly unique Asturian fishing villages are just a short ride away by boat, car or any other means of transport. Make sure not to miss out on Lluanco, Llastres, Tazones, Lluarca, Puertu Vega, Cuideiru and so many more...

Foto El puerto deportivo
The marina

At the heart of the city centre, you can enjoy views like this one, where the pleasure boats are moored and where you can rent a boat or arrange a tourist trip to enjoy Gijón/Xixón from the sea.

Living well is a science