Tratado de gastronomía.

6th PRINCIPLE “Every body will remain at rest, except for a good reason”

* Refalfiáu: tedium caused by overabundance; when you have overdone, overeaten or enjoyed something without restraint and you’re sick and tired of it, then “tas refalfiáu”.



Stairway 16 at San Lorenzo Beach is located in the area popularly known as “El Tostaderu” (The Toaster), at the mouth of the Piles River.

At any time of the year, Pelayo, Álvaro, Leri, Carmen, Macio and other local men and women who love basking like lizards in the sun rush to this spot, sunscreen in hand, as soon as the sun breaks through the clouds.

Because, as they say, the Tostaderu wall collects and stores every ray of sunlight that reaches Gijón/Xixón. In a nutshell, a microclimate. And that’s why this is where professional sunbathers go to toast themselves.

Bañistas Playa de San Lorenzo



Foto The Piles
The Piles

In Gijón/Xixón we are very proud of El Piles, our river. We know it's not a big deal, but we love it. The Piles bridge is like the ones in Paris, only smaller and more unpretentious. Crossing it takes us from El Muro (beach promenade) to the other side of the river and the first thing we come across is... El Tostaderu (The Toaster).

Foto The Sun
The Sun

It doesn't rain much here. Well, okay, sometimes. It comes down for quite a spell. Or for days. Or for hours. But when the sun rises, its light illuminates our beautiful city and everyone heads out to greet it. Of course, when the sun does come out between the clouds, it really beats down.

Foto Un paseín hasta La Lloca
A short walk to La Lloca statue

We’re well aware of our privileged environment. We’ve got a lot of city, yet lots of natural surroundings, simply wonderful for taking walks, but a classic one is to stroll along el Muro (beach promenade). It’s a 3-kilometer walk along the sea from San Pedro Church to the statue of La Lloca (The Crazy Woman). Any time is perfect, but we recommend sunset..

Foto El pedreru
El pedreru (The Rocky Beach)

When the tide is out, boys and girls (and the occasional dedicated parent) spend hours skillfully walking among the rocks in search of shrimp, periwinkles, crabs and other marine fauna, either trying to catch them or simply check them out. The attire: hat, sunscreen, crab sandals, bucket and small fishing net.

Foto De la playa al prau
From the beach to the meadow

If you continue along the walk from El Tostaderu, you’ll reach El Rinconín(The Little Hideaway). There are a couple of coves (dogs are allowed in one of them all year round) and a large green area with palm trees and children's games. If you’re not too fond of sand, in El Rinconín Park you can sunbathe, relax or walk around as you please.

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