Tratado de gastronomía.

8th PRINCIPLE “The area of a cachopo is equal to the base times the height, divided by two”

* “In Gijón/Xixón, we eat well and we eat a lot, but what we most like is sharing it.”
Ana and Pablo, members of the Cachopers Scooter Club



Not many years ago, a group of friends from Gijón/Xixón got together to share their 3 great loves: music, scooters and stuffing their faces. Their favorite dish is cachopo, a huge veal cordon bleu, although they’re quick to add, "We wouldn’t turn our noses up at a good plate of rice with lobster!" And so, the Cachopers Scooter Club got its start.

Get on your Vespa and together we can travel the winding roads along the Gijón coast and share a delicious Asturian feast by the sea. Then we can shake it up a bit with some good live music from the local scene.

Bañistas Playa de San Lorenzo



Foto Cachopo
The famous cachopo

This has become a hallmark of Asturian gastronomy. Although there are variations, it basically consists of Serrano ham and local cheese between two Asturian veal steaks, which is then breaded and fried. Serving size? Well, let’s just say it’s somewhat more than large.

Foto Sidrerías
Cider houses

Here we call them chigres. As their name indicates, these are establishments where cider is drunk (and poured). But also where you’ll find the freshest food and the most authentic local people.

Foto Merenderos
Outdoor restaurants

Located on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by nature and furnished with tables outside, these spots are ideal for families and groups of friends to meet up. One possible plan: take a bike ride with the gang along the paths in the surrounding hills and at noon take a break at your favorite open-air restaurant to recharge on cider, croquettes, calamari and Cabrales cheese. How does that sound?

Foto Moteros
A biker city

This city has always been characterized by its biker culture and by the number of motorcycles moving through its streets. Like the Cachopers, there are many clubs dedicated to riding and organizing activities. The great thing is that there are countless amazing roads and tracks that run between the sea and the mountains, without even having to leave the county limits. And, just a little further on, you have at your disposal nothing less than... all of Asturias!

Foto Concierto
The Gijon music scene

The people of Gijón love music and, fortunately, our love is reciprocated. The city is famous for live music in its bars and for the countless festivals, of all styles, that it hosts throughout the year: Gijón Sound Festival, L.E.V. Festival, Festival de Música Antigua, Gijón Life, Tsunami Xixón, Euroyeyé, Jazz Xixón and the Gospel Festival, among others.

Foto Pescado
Local gastronomy

If you want to taste the best local foods, ask for seasonal products in restaurants and cider houses. We also give you some advice in our Treatise on Gijonomy. Some examples? Here's a preview: anchovies in spring, bonito tuna in summer, flageolet beans (verdinas) in autumn and spider crab in winter. Enjoy!

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