Cheerful, generous, noble, friendly... "Larger than life", with a curious way of understanding life and how they express it. This is who we are.

If you visiting us, you will soon discover that certain things are truly Gijonese. At times, they may seem a bit shocking, but in context they all make sense. There’s nothing strange about walking around Gijón/Xixón, and hearing expressions or words that would make even native Spaniards do a double take: chiscar, prestar, estrapayar, mancar, emburriar, fame, folixa... Asturian expressions combine with the way locals speak, without us even realising. However, there are also expressions that are typical of the city: if someone sends you to "see a whale" they are not actually suggesting that you go to the Aquarium...

Gijonomía is a way of being, living and experiencing Gijón/Xixón.
It’s a passion, an obsession.
It’s the compendium of who we and our city are.

Get to know us and enjoy this healthy obsession. Discover what Gijonomia is all about.

The treatise

Gijón/Xixón and we, its residents, deserve our own encyclopaedia.

Our passion for everything: food, cider, the sea, nature, friendship and fun, and for life itself is something worthy of study.

Which is why we’re preparing a comprehensive treatise on Gijonomía, an anthropological and anthological study of Gijón/Xixón, its nooks and crannies, customs and, above all, its fascinating residents.




The principles

Gijonomía is structured around its Core Principles, a series of laws that govern the life of Gijón/Xixón and its residents.

The result of years of observation and study, the Core Principles are key to understanding the character and habits of these curious characters. Minds and schools that have left a permanent mark on the history of science and philosophy have participated in the preparation of these Principles. Well, more than participating, we've stolen some ideas from them, so there's still no real doubting their contribution.

In time, step by step, we will complete the Gijonomía Treatise, revealing the secrets of each of the Principles, discovering new specimens, coming across new places and portraying behaviours



1st PRINCIPLE -Archimedes- “Immersing yourself in the sea gives you an amazing rush”
2nd PRINCIPLE Thermodynamics “Energy is neither created nor destroyed, it is shared”
3rd PRINCIPLE -Ohm's law- “The intensity of the current is directly proportional to the value of resistance”
4th PRINCIPLE -Euclid- “The shortest distance between two points is the least important”
5th PRINCIPLE -Carnegie- “The secret of your success is to surround yourself with Gijón/Xixón”
6th PRINCIPLE -Newton- “Every body will remain at rest, except for a good reason” 7th PRINCIPLE -Thales of Miletus- “Water is the origin of everything. Or is it?” 8th PRINCIPLE -Pythagoras- “The area of a cachopo is equal to the base times the height, divided by two”
9th PRINCIPLE -Protágoras- “Grandona is the measure of all things”