Tratado de gastronomía.

10th PRINCIPLE “Pleasant experiences
have a way of coming back around.”

* Ms. Marshall, an expert in Gijonomy...
still has much to uncover.



Arriving in Gijón/Xixón from Harvard University in Massachusetts, she attends the First International Congress of Gijonomy, a field in which she holds renown, albeit mostly on a theoretical level. All seems to be going smoothly: the city not only extends a warm and surprising welcome but also boasts infrastructures and professional services ensuring the success of such events.

However, Ms. Marshall, who fancied herself an expert, finds herself feeling like a novice upon realizing there is much more depth to the people here than she had been led to believe. Nonetheless, within a couple of days, she assimilates seamlessly into the local culture. She declares her intent to stay, saying, "Because this place has captured my heart”.




Foto recinto ferial Luis Adaro
Luis Adaro Fairgrounds

Sprawling across 160,000 m2 with a prime location, the Luis Adaro Fairgrounds offer all the necessary amenities for hosting fairs, congresses, and exhibitions.

It is here that the International Trade Fair of Asturias, colloquially known as "the Fair," takes place every summer, drawing significant tourist and professional interest to the region.

Notably, the fairgrounds boast the Conference Hall, a distinctive, comprehensive, and adaptable venue suitable for a wide range of events.

Foto Gijón Convention Bureau
Gijón Convention Bureau

Gijón Convention Bureau acts as a municipal resource serving as a “one-stop shop” for organizers of congresses, meetings, and events. It provides valuable information on local institutions, infrastructure, services, and businesses. Additionally, it offers assistance throughout the event planning process, including aspects like coordination, promotion, production, and management.

Foto Laboral, Ciudad de la Cultura
Laboral, Ciudad de la Cultura
This remarkable edifice, touted as Spain's largest (and when we boast, you can trust we are speaking true), is a captivating complex housing a plethora of facilities and points of interest. These include the headquarters of Radiotelevisión del Principado de Asturias, LABoral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial, the Integrated Centre for Vocational Training, the Corinthian Courtyard, the Painting Room, the Tower, the School of Dramatic Art, the Professional Conservatory of Music and Dance, the Church, the Café, the Theatre, the Paraninfo Hall, and the Faculty of Commerce, Tourism, and Social Sciences...

Foto Profesionales de los buenos
Experts in the field

Where can you locate the finest professionals to organize, execute, and manage your event in Gijón/Xixón? Individuals who are familiar with the area, skilled, decisive, communicative, and amiable... Well, who might they be? We have already given you the lowdown, but if you desire further details, here's a teaser: PCOs and event agencies.

Foto ¡Ave, Xixón!
Cheers to Xixón!

We're also easily reachable and approachable :-)

Situated just a half-hour away from Asturias Airport, which offers connections to major Spanish cities and several European destinations.

Our extensive network of roads and highways connects us seamlessly with Oviedo and Avilés, the Cantabrian coast, Madrid, and the rest of Spain.

And, naturally, we are well-served by rail, with both RENFE (national) and FEVE (regional) stations located in the heart of the city. Plus, the high-speed service is already up and running!

Foto lugares singulares
Common, but not ordinary

If you are aiming to arrange an event or professional gathering that is truly distinctive and unforgettable, you will have no shortage of choices. In Gijón/Xixón, we boast numerous exceptional venues that will tailor to your requirements and surpass your expectations. Among them, right here in the city, you will find the Aquarium, the Railway Museum, or the ethnographic museum aka Muséu del Pueblu d'Asturies.

Foto alojamientos
Home away from home

As you are aware, we are honest, hardworking, good-natured, hearty folks... and hospitable too. Whether you are organizing professional gatherings or simply seeking some rest, you will find a choice of 9,000 accommodation options in the city and its surroundings. What's your preference? You have urban hotels from prestigious chains, charming boutique hotels, and rural retreats to choose from...

Living well is a science